CPM Explorer

CPM Explorer is a Windows Explorer extension for IBM Cognos Connection, providing quick and easy access to IBM Cognos consumers’ daily activities. Using CPM Explorer, consumers are able to navigate the IBM Cognos Connection portal in the familiar Windows Explorer user interface without the need for a web browser.

From the comforts of Windows Explorer, IBM Cognos users can perform common, everyday operations as seen below.


Consumer Version

View and run IBM Cognos content in HTML, PDF & Excel
Create shortcuts to content both within the IBM Cognos Connection interface AND within the Windows file system (i.e. My Documents, the Desktop, etc.)
Create folders to organize content
Email report output
View report properties
Rename content (report names, folder names)
Cut, paste, delete, move and copy content (reports and folders) within an IBM Cognos environment
View and navigate IBM Cognos Connection portal tabs

Administrator Version

The Administrator version offers all of the features in the consumer version, plus the ability to:

Cut, paste, delete, move and copy content (reports and folders) from within one IBM Cognos environment to another to deploy / migrate information.
With a single click a report can be scheduled to run in the background and emailed to your inbox when it is available. And best of all, this is all done leveraging your existing IBM Cognos security (Cognos and company LDAPs). CPM Explorer adheres to your IBM Cognos 8 security by enforcing each consumer to log in before being able to browse the contents of IBM Cognos Connection. Integrated windows authentication, when applicable, streamlines this process by obtaining the user’s login credentials.

CPM Explorer allows a user to connect to multiple IBM Cognos 8 servers within a Windows Explorer UI. Each IBM Cognos 8 server connection is displayed in the Windows Explorer tree view under a “My Cognos Servers” node. Servers can be renamed with an alias to provide a more meaningful name.

To use CPM Explorer you must have:

Windows 2000 or higher (XP, 2003, etc.)
Microsoft .NET 2.0, which is freely available from Microsoft if you do not already have it as part of any current software application installed on your machine
Proper Windows user permissions to install software
IBM Cognos 8.0 and higher

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