Fast Edit

Through a strategic partnership with Apparo, we introduce the premier master data management and data entry solution integrated into IBM Cognos.

  • Direct Data Entry to IBM Cognos Reports
  • Flexible Workflow
  • Change History Auditing
  • Zero-Client Footprint
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Import from Microsoft Excel
  • Integrated into IBM Cognos User Interface and Security


Data Entry for IBM Cognos - Fast Edit extends IBM Cognos, allowing users to enter, edit and import data within reports or directly from IBM Cognos Connection. Fast Edit combines data output with an effective data entry system without the need for additional programming. Fast Edit is completely integrated into the IBM Cognos environment and security to allow users to comfortably and efficiently bridge the gap between reporting and data entry.

Business Cases - Using Fast Edit Business Cases, users can quickly and easily filter, validate and import data into IBM Cognos. Users can evaluate reports and change data simultaneously in a single system allowing them to respond to report data on the spot. In addition, users can import large volumes of Excel data into IBM Cognos and then revise it.

Document Management - Fast Edit’s powerful document management extends the BI system to allow users the ability link Excel files and figures to reports inside IBM Cognos. Users’ access rights determine whether they can simply view files or make changes.

Data Entry Workflow - Fast Edit fully integrates complex and flexible data entry workflows into the BI ecosystem, across departments, borders and multiple languages. Workflows ensure the appropriate users have reviewed, validated and approved data entry before it hits the system.

Change Audit Tracking - Fast Edit’s auditing capabilities retain detailed record keeping for all data changes at the user level so you always know who changed what and when.

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