Simplify the process of adding value to your data… because the data itself doesn’t tell the whole story.

Cognos administration tools for maintaining a clean, healthy and effective IBM Cognos BI environment:

Minimise mean time to recovery during a support crisis by reducing the manual steps involved and increasing productivity.

Gain proactive insight into a growing or deteriorating BI investment including Active Users and system performance. Tune and load the environment to simulate user activity.

Audit, visualise and implement a secure analytics environment to manage change and automate security and business processes.

Manage the complete backup, restore and deployment requirements with total flexibility options for development to production deployment strategies.


Unparalleled  documentation capabilities to record meaningful business and compliance documents in a variety of output types. These flexible documentation capabilities provide you the tools to answer day to day questions such as group memberships to complete audits, manage projects, as well as satisfy compliance needs.


MetaManager 5.3 features:

  • Full exposure to public folder AND personal folder content.
  • Excel-like user interface for making enhancements to FM object properties (including simple and advanced search capabilities).
  • Automated report validation when changes to the underlying packages are made.
  • Automatic application of Framework Manager model changes to impacted report specifications.
  • Metadata exposure at the consumer level in the form of screen tips.
  • Find and replace capabilities within selectable report objects.
  • Report standardization with one click.
  • Custom portal tab distribution to any role, group or user.
  • Security management for packages, folders, reports and other objects.
  • Robust documentation for Framework Manager models and the Content Store.
  • Full backup and restoration capabilities on selected objects in the content store.
  • Complete reversion of any MetaManager changes back to previous state.

New features include:

  • A sophisticated deployment capability within multiple environments.
  • Copy and paste metadata information to and from external applications (including Excel).
  • Support for server based installations.
  • The ability to delete Content Store objects from the MetaManager tree view.
  • Copy and paste capabilities for all report (XML) specifications, including Report Studio, Query Studio, Analysis Studio and PowerPlay web reports directly from the MetaManager tree view.
  • Support for multiple connections to any type of Cognos environment, including the ability to specify proxy servers.
  • Extended find and replace capabilities, including cube connection strings for PowerPlay reports.

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